Our Mission Statement

NTFC Supporters Limited key strategies are;

• To be open, democratic and inclusive in supporting the needs and ideas of supporters

• To promote and strengthen the bonds between NTFC, supporters and the wider community.

• To support the future of league football in Northampton.


1 To serve and represent supporter needs and interests.

2 To be democratic, open, inclusive and accountable to the membership.

3 To support and promote NTFC.

4 To be a guardian of professional football in Northampton

5 To contribute to and learn from the wider supporters’ movement.


Consultation and Information

The Board of NTFC Supporters Limited commits to having at least one member available to answer queries at a published location at least 45 minutes prior to kick off at each home league match. We aim to acknowledge any formal queries within 7 days of receipt or and provide a detailed reply within 21 days of receipt.

We aim to serve and represent supporter’ needs and interests through our commitment to the following objectives:

• Encourage and promote supporters’ representation, making effective use of our voice on NTFC board

• Increase members’ shareholding in NTFC

• Represent supporters’ interests in the media and wider community.

• Promote a partnership between NTFC Supporters Limited, NTFC, Supporters and Community,

• Encourage NTFC to provide value for money services and improve service standards for it’s customers

• Inform supporters and provide access to the club through information events such as regular Open Forums

• Facilitate a sense of community between supporters and club.


Accountability to members

We commit to being democratic, open, inclusive and accountable to the membership. Annual elections will be held for membership of the NTFC Supporters Limited’ Board - a third of the posts being open to election each year. The position of Supporters’ Representative on the board of NTFC will be open to election of any NTFC Supporters Limited board member. To encourage at least two NTFC Supporters Limited members, who are not board members and representation of other NTFC supporters groups who are in sympathy with our aims and objectives to attend regular meetings of the board. Through effective and efficient governance and financial management we commit to sound management of members’ investment on a not-for profit basis. Our accounts will be professionally audited on an annual basis.

We further aim to:

• Invest in NTFC Supporters Limited and increase the membership by 10% each year

• To encourage members to stand for election to our board

• Improve accessibility of board members and awareness of NTFC Supporters Limited activities within the NTFC supporter base.


Support for NTFC and the future of professional league football in Northampton

We commit to supporting the aims and objectives of NTFC where, in the opinion of the board, these are not in direct conflict with the needs and best interests of supporters. We further commit to providing financial support to NTFC through increased shareholding and to ensure this investment is of general or specific benefit to our members.

We aim to:

• Facilitate NTFC’s involvement with customers and supply supporter’ feedback and profile analysis to NTFC

• Encourage and facilitate good governance by NTFC taking proper account of finances and customer needs

• Support wider activities of NTFC, including for example: non 1st team football, football in the community, stadium development plans.

• Promote NTFC within the community, further the game of football as a recreational service, sporting activity and focus for community involvement

• Ensure national and international principles of the game are upheld and promoted in accessible and appropriate ways.