Winning numbers in Trust's New Year's Raffle

3rd Jan 2017

A number of lucky Trust members have made a winning start to 2017 – as our New Year’s Raffle prize draw took place following the Bradford City games.

A spa day for two, cash prizes and a host of Cobblers and Trust memorabilia was up for grabs as part of the draw.

The Trust sponsored the Bradford match on January 2nd as it marked 25 years to the day since the famous Exeter Rooms meeting took place – leading to the formation of the Trust.

As part of its role sponsoring the game, the Trust picked goalkeeper Adam Smith as Man of the Match.

And we were delighted that Adam drew out the winning numbers in the prize draw in Carr’s Bar after the game.

Here are the winners and their prizes:


First Prize – Spa day for two and £50 in cash

Winner – 03056 / Mr J W Mayes


Second Prize - £100 in cash

Winner – 06022 / Mr Terry Wheeler


Third Prize - £50 in cash

Winner – 03009 / Graham Linnell


Fourth Prize – Ticket voucher

Winner – 00715 / Y Wharton


Fifth Prize – Signed ball

Winner – 05424 / P Whiring


Sixth Prize – Beanie hat

Winner – 00824 / Pat


Seventh Prize – Scarf

Winner – 02592 / Chris Parker


Eighth Prize – Beanie hat

Winner – 05391 / Garry Harris


Ninth Prize – Beanie hat

Winner – 06872 / Vic Lodge


Tenth Prize – Gloves

Winner – 07085 / G Marriot


Eleventh Prize – Gloves

Winner – 07642 / R Dainty


Twelfth Prize – Keyring

Winner – 03778 / Linda Wilson


Thirteenth Prize – Badge

Winner – 01811 / Mr Steve Garret


Fourteenth Prize – Badge

Winner – 03326 / Mr C Bull


Northampton Town Supporters' Trust was formed in January 1992, as a result of a large public meeting attended by over 600 fans. This meeting was called by a group of ordinary supporters, including Rob Marshall, editor of the fanzine What a Load of Cobblers, and myself, in response to a financial crisis at the club and a series of misleading statements issued by the then chairman.

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