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the original football Trust formed in 1992

Project: proud to be no finer town. No finer club

NTFC Supporters’ Trust is to assess community ownership models for the Cobblers including a partnership between fans and private investment.

This is about creating a sustainable model for the club, protecting league football in Northampton and producing a strategic vision for the short, medium and long terms.

The Trust will produce and present a business model which offers an alternative to the club’s long history of private ownership.

We believe in the potential for a respected and sustainable community focused football club, benchmarked against the most progressive sports clubs locally, nationally and internationally.

Northampton Town can regain its role at the vanguard of the fan movement and provide the community with an open and transparent club that gives the supporters a democratic voice and true involvement.

We can build a club that values and utilises the skills and expertise from within the fan base, turning customers into members. We want a club rooted in and respected by its community, one that engages with those striving to improve the town.

We will plan investment in infrastructure to consolidate and grow the Cobblers as the county club and to leave a legacy to our children and grandchildren in bricks, mortar, turf and trophies.

It’s time to encourage a new, hopeful, diverse generation of supporters unburdened with the struggles of the past. The Trust believe in the power and potential of the next generation of Cobblers fans.

A vibrant working relationship with large businesses and blue-chip companies in the area is achievable, so too a tie-in with the Saints and the Steelbacks that cements Northampton as a centre of sporting excellence.

The Trust respects the good work done by the current board and fantastic club staff and will maintain a constructive relationship to provide a positive legacy for the fans and the local community.

“Please support the Trust. Join it if you haven’t already. I used to sign off my articles in the fanzine with ‘see you in the bar afterwards’. Obviously I can’t do that now but I would like to see you in the driving seat at this club.” – Brian Lomax.


Northampton Town Supporters' Trust was formed in January 1992, as a result of a large public meeting attended by over 600 fans. This meeting was called by a group of ordinary supporters, including Rob Marshall, editor of the fanzine What a Load of Cobblers, and myself, in response to a financial crisis at the club and a series of misleading statements issued by the then chairman.

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