Trust attends latest Supporters' Advisory Panel at Sixfields

19th Mar 2017

Members of the Trust board attended the Supporters’ Advisory Panel that was hosted by the club at Sixfields on March 8.


The main issues discussed were safe standing, the Checkatrade Trophy and season tickets.


The evening would have proved useful for the club in getting feedback, and there was a frank discussion about each of those subjects.


There was pretty much unanimous agreement that the current cost of season tickets represented good value, and although no decisions were made it was interesting to hear the club’s point of view on the difficult balancing act this entails.


It varied from how much impact a slight increase could potentially have on the playing budget, to the possible PR negatives that come around from even a slight increase.


The deadline for purchasing ‘early bird’ season tickets was raised, and it was agreed that the later deadlines that have been introduced by Kelvin Thomas are a welcome return from the increasingly earlier deadlines – some as early as January – that were in place prior to Kelvin's arrival.


It was heartening to hear that there are 1,200 new season ticket holders from last season’s figures, taking the figure to approximately 3,600. The key now is to retaining those.


The Trust also provided an update on the safe standing survey it carried out in partnership with the Stand at Sixfields group, and the club - which came about following the first advisory panel meeting.


Chief executive James Whiting indicated that NTFC would be meeting with the safety advisory group to discuss the idea in the next couple of weeks – while it was also an opportunity to get views from people who sit in various parts of the ground as to how they would feel if a safe standing section was implemented where they were currently.


It was accepted that if the club moved such a scheme forward, there would be some displacement of a small number of fans who didn't want to move, but that consultation would be held with all of them.


Again, it’s important to stress that no decisions have been made, and in the case of safe standing it’s unlikely any such decisions would be taken any time soon – as it will involve a great deal of research and discussion.


The panel also discussed the Checkatrade Trophy, and how the club would feedback to the EFL when the competition is next discussed.


Meanwhile, we have had a few people asking if there is likely to be an Open Forum with Justin Edinburgh soon.


The Trust has made contact with the club, who are trying to find a date when Justin is available to meet fans.


It’s a pretty busy schedule at the moment, but we should hopefully be able to announce a date soon.