Reports and Agendas

NTFC Supporters Limited 2010 AGM


24th November 2010 at Sixfields Stadium

1. Apologies
2. Minutes of the 2009 AGM
3. Any matters arising not specified below
4. Chairman’s Report
5. Secretary's Report
6. Membership Report
7. Treasurer's Report
8. Any Proposed Rule Changes
9. Appointment of Auditors
10. Appointment of Board Members (see below)
11. AOB

Chairman’s Report to the Annual General Meeting 24 November 2010

The Chinese have a saying which goes something like ‘May you live in interesting times’ something that could sum up being connected with NTFC Supporters Ltd especially being a board member.

I took over as Chairman once again following the inability of others to continue. Our year started with one manager being dismissed and another, a respected and long standing club servant being appointed. We had our ups and downs towards the end of the season and said goodbye to some players with regret, others perhaps not.

We have then had the ever more bizarre season this year with the club blazing a trail to beating Brighton, Reading and Liverpool in the Carling Cup before succumbing to Ipswich, whilst the league form grew ever more worrying. Throughout this period we have represented the supporter body, obtaining good deals for season ticket holders, ensuring that cup tickets were allocated and sold in the right way and generally ensuring that our voice was heard.

A lot of this is down to the untiring work of our Supporters Representative on the Club board, Anthony Collett who I really cannot praise enough. Anthony has indicated that he is standing down from this role but wishes to remain a NTFC Supporters Ltd board member where I am sure his input will continue to be invaluable. I must also thank a myriad of others, Helen Hickman who we welcomed on board as Secretary, Trina Smith our Treasurer for all her hard work in keeping the finances in order and Fred Baker and Vince Smith for continuing to run Trust Travel away coaches.

There are numerous others who I have not mentioned by name who have also contributed freely of their time being on the board, helping out at all sorts of events, please accept our grateful thanks too. We have had a number of events through the year again including very successful car boot sales but we always need new helpers either by coming on to the board or simply helping at events where needed. Please give it some thought.

We lost one of our real stalwart members this year with the death of our President Tony Platt. Tony will be well known to many supporters at home and away games and leaves a huge gap to fill. I miss him a lot, for his encouragement, his humour and his loyalty to the Club. I hope he continues to watch over us wherever he is. I conclude as Tony probably would have done by saying let us have faith in the future of our club by doing whatever we can large or small to secure it.

David Linnell Chairman

Treasurers Report


The Accounts for the year ending 31st August show that fund raising activities generated funds in excess of £14,000 .This enabled the Trust to purchase on behalf of its membership an additional 3226 shares in NTFC at a cost of £3.10 per share. Your Board continue to favour this method of passing funds to the Football Club as this is an efficient way of financially supporting the Club but importantly maintains one of the original aims of the Trust to maintain a viable interest in the Club we all support.

In addition we have been able to continue our support of the Multi Disabled Football Team and Football in the Community largely through facilitating collections at the Monthly Car Boot Sales - it was good to see that many members of the Team helped with the collections and thanks to Russell Lewis for organising this.

As stated in previous reports Membership Income continues to be low largely due to the large percentage of Members who are Life Members. Generating Income from new members is not easy and it seems that this income peaks when the club is in crisis - thankfully this has not been the case for some years but nevertheless as an organisation it is important that we make every effort to increase our membership particularly as this strengthens the position of the Trusts representative on the Board of NTFC.

We continue to maintain a reasonable balance at the Bank to ensure that any liabilities can be met and at the same time we continue to ensure that expenses are kept as low as possible - in this respect we are grateful to the many members who provide goods and services at minimal or no cost.

Finally my continued thanks to Monty Lynds of Clifford Towers for the help and guidance provided throughout the year.

Trina Smith Treasurer - November 2010

Supporters Representative’s Report 2010


It is with some regret that I announce these to be my last notes as your Supporters’ Representative. After 5 years in the role, and having considered stepping down for a while, I have now decided to step aside. I also believe the time is right for someone new to take up the challenge.

During my time in the role, on the pitch, I have seen the Cobblers win promotion to League one under Colin Calderwood and then after a brief spell with John Gorman, we had an exciting start under Stuart Gray, with hopes high that we would stabilise in League one. Sadly things went wrong and we experienced relegation and now we have to rebuild with Ian Sampson in charge.

I have a lot of time and respect for Sammo, a real club man. He has the club at heart and he is always available to talk to, he is refreshingly open and honest, and admits he is learning as a manager / coach. Sammo has a much lower budget than Colin Calderwood, when it took three and half seasons to get us promoted last time we were in League Two, in fact, Sammo has not even got two thirds of that budget.

Off the pitch, when I first joined the board, we were alarmingly losing £1 million a season. Now we are about breaking even. As a Supporters Trust we have always encouraged the football club living within its means, avoiding those dark days of administration that we and so many other clubs have faced.

In the last set of published accounts, season 2008-09, NTFC announced a profit, the first time I can ever remember NTFC doing this, but this was heavily biased with transfer fees for Mark Bunn etc. So with 2009-10 a loss again, 2010-11 could see the first non transfer aided profit, for some considerable time.

My successor’s role will be a watchful one to see where unexpected profits from cup runs or transfer sales etc go. Some of these must go on improving the team, and not just paying off long term loans, ensuring we do not stagnate. I remember one of my predecessors Brian Lomax stating that you do not stand still in football, you either go forwards or backwards.

David Cardoza in my time on the board has always been approachable and willing to listen, he assures me we will invest some, of any profits we make, into the team, whilst rightly not compromising our financial stability.

I have tried in vain to get NTFC to hold more board meetings and to send out minutes of these, sadly there has only been 1 or 2 per year, and I have not received minutes. At the end of the day David Cardoza being the majority shareholder can run NTFC how he sees fit. On a better note, the club scrutinise their finances very closely, with budgeting etc.

The Supporters Trust has been successful in the last few years in influencing NTFC on ticket pricing for the cups, added benefits for season ticket holders, on ticket pricing / allocation, cheaper season ticket options and also the free season ticket holders draw. We have also had a heavy influence on the return to our traditional badge and also in the club consulting with other supporters to make improvements at NTFC, kits and shop stock for example. So we rightly have lots to be proud of.

In the last year we also donated £10,000 to NTFC (in return for shares), some of which went on new seating, to replace broken/old seats for supporters; it also formed the letters NTFC in the East Stand. Additional monies have gone into NTFC, Youth development, Football in the Community and Multi disabled football. Indeed we have made over £40,000 in the five years of running the car boot sales.

I have put in many hours as Supporters Representative, it can be demoralising at times when criticism is received from supporters to me or the Trust, however every bit of praise or thanks, for helping someone, more than makes up for it. I will also carry with me for life, some fond memories of my time on the board, the Liverpool game being the best of them.

I would like to thank everybody who has helped the Supporters Trust, NTFC or me personally in my time on the Board, particularly I would like to thank Vince and Trina Smith, who without their help and guidance, I would not have been nearly as effective.

I remain on the Trust board and still firmly believe in the Supporters Trust movement and supporter representation, which is now gathering pace across Europe.

Remember it all started here!

Anthony Collett 

Minutes of NTFC Supporters Ltd Annual General Meeting held at Sixfields Stadium on Wednesday 24th November 2010.


The meeting was chaired by David Linnell and attended by 30 members who were all current members of NTFC Supporters Ltd.

1. Apologies
Apologies for non attendance were received from James Baker, Cheryl Byrne, Brian Binley MP & Monty Lynds.

2. Forms of Proxy
Forms of proxy had been received from Keith Leitich, GR Hancock, Jean Hales & Maurice Hales

3. Minutes of the 2009 Annual General Meeting
Copies had been provided for those present and Roy Osborne proposed that these be adopted, the proposed was seconded by Trina Smith and carried unanimously.

4. Matters Arising
There were no matters arising

5. Chairman’s Report
Copies had been provided for those present and David Linnell offered to answer any questions. The Chairman reflected on the loss of Tony Platt as our President. It had been cleared that his passing had had a big impact over the past year.
The Chairman thanked Helen Hickman & Trina Smith for their work in the past year as Secretary and Treasurer. He also offered his thanks to all who had helped in any capacity during the last twelve months.
Special thanks and recognition was given to Anthony Collett, who was standing down as Supporters Representative after 5 years, for his total involvement and hard work in the role.

6. Secretary’s report
Copies had been provided for those present and Helen Hickman offered to answer any questions.

7. Membership Secretary’s Report
Copies had been provided for those present and Stuart Taylor offered to answer any questions.

8. Supporters’ Representative Report
Copies had been provided for those present and Anthony Collett, who confirmed he would be standing down as Supporters’ Representative, offered to answer any questions.
Steve Riches took the opportunity to thank Anthony directly from the floor for his work as Supporter’s Representative.

9. Treasurer’s Report & Annual Accounts
A copy of the Treasurer’s report and the audited accounts had been provided to those present. Linda Smith sought clarification as to what NTMDFC stood for. Trina Smith replied it stood for Northampton Town Multi Disabled Football Club. Fred Baker proposed that the accounts be adopted and this was seconded by Roger Averill and carried unanimously.

10. Proposed Rule Changes
No rule changes were proposed

11. Appointment of Auditors
David Linnell proposed that Clifford Towers were appointed as auditors for a further 12 months and the proposal was seconded by Linda Smith and carried unanimously.

12. Appointment of Board Members
There were 2 nominations from members who wished to be directors and these were both retiring directors, by virtue of the rule requiring 1/3rd of the Board who have served 3 years to stand down. The nominations were from David Linnell and Trina Smith. The other ongoing directors are Mark Kennedy, Linda Smith, Roger Averill, Anthony Collett, Stuart Taylor, Fred Baker, Cheryl Byrne, Andy Durrant and Lesley Hardwick.
Up to 3 additional directors may be co-opted at the next board meeting of NTFC Supporters Ltd. It is the intention of the Board to once again co-opt Russell Lewis from Football in the Community.

13. Any Other Business
A query was raised as to why the word “trust” does not appear in the official name. The chair explained that the word “trust” caused problems with both HMRC and the charities commission. He confirmed that the Board had considered to use “t/a Northampton Town Supporters Trust” in its bank accounts and such like.
Phil Andrews appealed for volunteers to help with the 50:50 draw at each home game.
David Linnell also appealed for volunteers for any of the Trust’s activities.
Helen Hickman confirmed the date of the next annual general meeting would be Thursday 24th November 2011
There being no further business the meeting was closed with an Open Forum following


Membership Report


The Trusts membership stands at 555 members as of 11th November 2010, made up as follows, with last years figures in brackets:

Adult Member



Family Member



Concessionary Member



Life Member



The membership figures are slightly higher than 2009/10 when we had a total membership of 553 at this stage. New members joining the Trust are ahead of last season with 12 joining the Trust this year compared to 3 for the whole of last year. In fact we have seen as many people join so far this season as for the previous 2 seasons combined (12).

The membership flyer that we produced has possibly helped as has the Carling Cup and F.A. Cup runs (so far).

The season by season comparison figures are given below:

Season 03/04

578 members

(48 new members)

Season 04/05

625 members

(85 new members)

Season 05/06

700 members

(108 new members)

Season 06/07

692 members

(72 new members)

Season 07/08

646 members

(43 new members)

Season 08/09

595 members

(9 new members)

Season 09/10

560 members

(3 new members)

Season 10/11

555 members

(12 new members)

On a positive note we now have a record number of 515 Life Members. However due to lower proportion of annual renewals and donations the income generated so far this season stands at £332 - £40 up on last season. Thankfully other income streams such as the very popular Car Boot Sales ensures that the Trust continues to produce significant amounts of cash which we are hoping to invest in ways which will benefit all Trust members – if anyone has any ideas on this subject please speak to any Board Member.

There have been some critical comments made about the running Trust on message boards recently, particularly during the 6 game losing streak. Whilst most of this is unfair, given that the Trust has never been involved in the football side of the club, we would welcome anyone with constructive ideas on the future direction of the Trust to come along to Board Meetings and discuss with us their suggestions. All current members are entitled to attend Board Meetings – contact the Trust Secretary for details.

In closing could I again urge all members to encourage family and friends to join the Trust. Not only will this help with increasing our revenues but also enable the Trust to speak with authority on behalf of the supporters to both the Football Club and Local Authorities when discussing the Sixfields Stadium Redevelopment – something that I am sure all supporters would like to see happen in our lifetimes.

Stuart Taylor - Membership Secretary